Adding linguistic information to parsed corpora


  • Susan Pintzuk University of York



No matter how comprehensively corpus builders design their annotation schemes, users frequently find that information is missing that they need for their research. In this methodological paper I describe and illustrate five methods of adding linguistic information to corpora that have been morphosyntactically annotated (=parsed) in the style of Penn treebanks. Some of these methods involve manual operations; some are executed by CorpusSearch functions; some require a combination of manual and automated procedures. Which method is used depends almost entirely on the type of information to be added and the goals of the user. Of course, the main goal, regardless of method, is to record within the corpus additional information that can be used for analysis and also retained through further searches and data processing.




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Pintzuk, S. (2019). Adding linguistic information to parsed corpora. Linguistic Issues in Language Technology, 18.