An Infographic Approach to Presenting Dance Data from the Choreographer's Studio


Dance Data, Contemporary Dance, Information Visualization, Embodied Cognition, 360-degree video

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Jürgens, S., Fernandes, C., & Evola, V. (2019). An Infographic Approach to Presenting Dance Data from the Choreographer’s Studio. PARtake: The Journal of Performance As Research, 2(2).


In this paper the authors introduce their infographic approach for the presentation of dance data from two extensive case studies on the creative processes of two very dissimilar contemporary choreographers. This approach has been developed in the framework of the BlackBox - Arts & Cognition Project and was implemented in both 2D and 3D environments, resulting in the creation of four short animated infographic films, a documentary film, and a multiple viewport platform for two 360-degree dance videos. Drawing on selected examples from these film productions, the authors discuss in two distinct case studies, which aspects of contemporary dance and choreographic thinking are computed and visualized in ways that allow to access each choreographer’s unique artistic vision and creative process. Based on this discussion, the authors suggest to consider a broader perspective on what might constitute ‘dance data’, and elaborate on how such data sets can be presented visually employing embodied filmmaking and infographic storytelling techniques.