Knowledge Catcher
The Knowledge Catcher

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Knowledge Catcher


science and technology studies (STS)
performance studies
performative writing
performance design
design research
qualitative methodology
practice as research (PAR)
Knowledge Catcher
lecture performance
Dwight Conquergood
Ronald Pelias
Bruno Latour
Albena Yaneva
Michel Serres
ontological choreography
Annemarie Mol
John Law
scholarly forms

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Svabo, C., & Bønnelycke, J. (2020). Knowledge Catcher: on the performative agency of scholarly forms. PARtake: The Journal of Performance As Research, 3(1).


Knowledge is co-constituted by the forms in which it is developed and communicated. Methodological and epistemological designs determine which knowledge performance sequences are correct, which positions can follow each other, and which steps can evolve into another combination. The article directs attention to the performative agency of scholarly forms and engages in playful, emotional knowledge enactments, where the mood of the reader and the sentiment of the researcher form part of the ontological choreography. With the introduction of a ‘Knowledge Catcher’ the habitual format for engagement is challenged through the creation of space-time wormholes connecting reader and writers in a co-performance of knowledge.

The Knowledge Catcher
The Knowledge Catcher