Educators Moving towards Collective Liberation: Conference Presenter's Perspective


  • Donovan Griffin-Blake Alchemy Consulting Group


self-reflection, supporting LGBTQ students, equity, anti-biased pedagogies


This essay is a brief summary of my conference presentation and my overall perspective of the conference. The summary is written as an overview to spark the seed for becoming anti-biased. I have been a public school teacher in K-12 for over 23 years. I was raised with strong religious values, which taught that LGBTQ+ lifestyles were wrong. In my years as an educator, I’ve taught many of my students who were members of the LGBTQ+ community. After working with these students,their families, and doing personal self-reflection I made the decision to advocate for these students.I want to train other teachers and parents on how to make the shift to provide a learning environment that supports the needs of LGBTQ+ students.