About the Journal

What is the University of Colorado Honors Journal

The University of Colorado Honors Journal is an interdisciplinary, student-run journal published annually by the Arts & Sciences Honors Program under the supervision of a faculty advisor and the Director of the Honors Program. The Honors Journal presents a collection of works that reflect the utmost talent, diligence, and creativity among undergraduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Each year, the Honors Journal combines undergraduate work from all academic fields including but not limited to:  art, creative nonfiction, fiction, gender & ethnic studies, humanities, natural sciences, open media, poetry, and social sciences. The Honors Journal is distributed and available to all students and departments at the University of Colorado, as well as other honors programs at other universities across the country. In order to reach a broader audience and showcase a greater variety of work, such as video and music, the Journal was expanded to include an online version in 2011.

Why publish your work in the journal?

Publication in the Honors Journal means being published in a peer-reviewed student-run academic journal.  All published pieces are assigned a DOI, which makes them searchable in major search engines like Google Scholar. 

Want to pick up a free copy?

Contact us at honors.journal@colorado.edu, and we can arrange a pick-up on campus.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Compliments?

Email them to honors.journal@colorado.edu.