The Mobile Writing Station (Nature)


  • Brandon Temple University of Colorado A&S



Plywood, hardware, found objects

Owned by artist

Modern life is suffocating with quick actions. The action of jotting a note, the action of taking a photo, even an action as simple as moving oneself from point A to B. Little time or thought is put into these actions because of the extreme ease that it takes to carry them out. This ease is a result of modern digital technology that is meant to make our lives easier. Which it does. In return for ease, the understanding and consideration taken towards actions are shortened or forgotten. It is entirely possible to move through life without true consideration and love. This object brings consideration and thoughtful use to a mobile writing unit. Equipped to handle easy trails you are able to bring this device into nature and write. While any writing can be done, poetry is this device’s focus because it also presses the viewer to take consideration. The transformation of this device from its mobile state to its open and useable state reflects the importance of taking one’s time and attention to detail. 

The Mobile Writing Station




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