• Dylan Carpenter Undergraduate Student



Author Statement:

As a queer artist bisected by two ethnicities, I'm driven to examine the world views around me and share my unique perspective through my work. Combining my formal training in media design, language acquisition, and cross-cultural exchanges, I strive to create pieces that reflect the idiosyncrasies of the human condition. My writing often explores themes of identity, culture, and society, drawing on my lived experiences—moonlighting between different cultures and identities—to repurpose representation into a more reflective mirror whilst simultaneously rejecting its historically misty veneer. 


To achieve this, I use a variety of literary devices and techniques, such as experimental punctuation and sensory nomenclature, to imbue my work with emotional depth and nuance. I'm particularly fascinated by the intersection of the sublime and the mundane, using poetry as a means of translating the ineffable and exploring the grandeur of everyday experiences. This equipoise frequently imbues my overarching lyrical conceit with intimate conviction.


My artistic output is deeply personal, often starting with imagining a persona and scene, visualizing what they may encounter or never come to know, and refining my imagery and resolution into decisive moments of execution. When polishing an idea, I delight in the sonic and structural cues of verse, availing myself of alliteration and experimental punctuation to evoke specific emotions that require the full scope of my language to anatomize its message. I spend countless hours on the organization of color schemes, typography, and graphics for more visually endowed pieces to complement the magnitude, mood, and motifs being conveyed.


Looking to the future, I hope to further explore the richness and aesthetics of human nature through my background in Asian Studies, Romanticism, and children’s literature/media while connecting with others and fostering a deeper appreciation for the intersectionality and complexity of the world around us.


By using poetry as a means of translation, I contend to create artwork that inspires the senses, confronts systemic ways of thinking, and fosters an empathetic mien for those who truly need it; and, above all, I aim to provide a representation of the working world that is worthy of one’s fullest attention and my highest efforts.




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Carpenter, D. (2023). MEZZALUNA. University of Colorado Honors Journal, 76.